Cannot Schedule Live Event


We are a small organisation using a mixture off Office 365 business premium and office 365 Business Essentials.

We added E1 to some users. their subscriptions correctly show they have E1 (and their old business accounts).


They do not see schedule live vent on the new button in the app.

The policies have been checked and look Ok for live vents - oddly, for a short while after implementing the schedule policy one user (on business premium but NOT on E1) actually got the new live vent button for a short while - but lost it on client upgrade.

It has been less than 24 hours since the E1 licences were applied if that is significant.
The users have been using teams, screen sharing etc. without issues.
Should this work?

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Hi @Ian Cunningham ,


There's a good article that shows all the setting you would need to have in place to allow Live Events here

@Steven Collier 


Thanks - read that several times. Indeed, doing all that before acquiring E1 temporarily gave one user a fleeting live events option in the teams app.

I specifically wondered with mixing business premium and E1 was the issue (it took the money)

best response confirmed by Ian Cunningham (Contributor)
Mixing licenses should work fine as long as you assigned all the E1 licenses etc. such as Stream etc.

Assuming you enabled all the live events settings in Stream as well? Sometimes policies take time but should be more than 24 hours. Possibly have the user Sign out and back into Teams as this will reset some cache and sometimes helps.

@Chris Webb 

Thanks - it was just lag in the system and people gradually saw the option appear - but it took more than 24 hours after the licence. All good though as we had to test before a council meeting on Monday.

I can confirm that E1 with other options is fine.

@Ian Cunningham did you find a solution?


i have an education account (which it states now is included in those which should have access to live events) and I still only get the “new meeting” option not a live event option

@Tmr204  Sorry just saw your message. In our case, we added E1 to a suer and it appeared not to work but it took quite a while for it to appear in the user accounts. It works now for those on E1,. only the organiser needs to have the enterprise account - producers can work with their normal business premium type account.

Me as well - have the NGO version of MS 365 Business Premium through