Cannot remove myself from an organisation

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Not sure if this is a problem from my side or just Microsoft’s problem in general.

I removed an organisation from my account. However, it still appears on the drop down of my organisation list on my Teams app. When I clicked into it, this message appeared:

Error: Cannot remove members from a team that are currently members of a private channel. This will be fixed soon.

Is there anything that I can do to fix this and what does this mean?
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@Cynthia_Lau Hi, never seen this message before and not sure here. But I'm replying to "pick up the question" so to speak, someone will probably add to it. But ask the other org. if your account is still in their tenant (and a member of a private channel.) Have them remove you.


Out of curiosity, how does it look when going here? 

Leave an organization as a guest user - Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs


Btw, any difference if signing out from Teams?

There's a lot of caching happening in Teams, both on the frontend and the backend, so what you are experiencing might simply be because of stale cache. An easy way to check is to open a new private browser session and see if the entry still appears, but as long as you dont see this organization anymore under your Azure AD profile, it will eventually disappear from the client as well.