Cannot make calls to phone numbers in Teams

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after hours on the phone with Microsoft support our problem has become even worse and it seems like no one knows how to help. 

We are setting up our new auto attended in teams. created resource account added licenses, added number created auto attended. create test user account, added business voice and domestic calling licenses. both were working, being able to receive calls. 

The test user account was not able to call numbers, only users within the organization on teams. not sure why so we called support. after hours back and forth our number has some how been lost. it shows up in voice > phones numbers, status first party app assigned but when we go to the recourse account it is not linked. trying to add the number back to the resource account is not successful the number does not show up. when trying to call the number it just rings forever. no auto attendant picks up. around 1am I was to tired and hung up the phone. 


can anyone help, find out how to get our number to show up again so we can reassign it and why can we not make calls to numbers. 


we were told we need to port all our cell phone numbers to teams to be able to call number by the support agent, is this true? It sounds ridiculous to me 

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@MilanVuletic to make this clear. You using the PBX from MS correct? Are there routing policys on the users attached? 

we do not use PBX and there are no routing policies, this was a fresh implementation after our number was ported over from a sister company. everything related to our phones have been set up thru teams admin center.

thank you for your reply 


@MilanVuletic Ok - but here is the question - do you using then a session boarder controller for direct routing? Because I think your problem is, that you also should apply calling policies:


The cloud need to know what should happening with the call. 

was able to get the number to reassign back to the resource account thru powershell but the number still rings with no pickup even after assigning to an auto attendant. It seems like I do not have Voip in the navigation menu? @TheM365Guy 

@MilanVuletic ah you have the problem just for the auto-attendant? check if you assigned the "virtual user license". Check the following site:

no we have two problems.

1. before speaking with MS support we were not able to make calls to phone numbers from our test account, we made sure to assign all licenses so we called MS support. auto attended and voicemail was working correctly, just our test user account with all the correct licences was only able to users with a teams login and was not to call a phone number

2. after speaking with them and them making changes, our number disappeared from our resource account and when calling the number it would just ring no pickup. I used a powershell command to restore the number but now i unassigned the number from the account to try an reassign it but again the number has disappeared. it seems like whatever MS support did has bugged our account. @TheM365Guy 

@MilanVuletic Strange problem! Sorry in this case you should go with the MS guy. I don't know your environment. This could be all types of issues. I am sorry to can not help here :(


Hey, did you check the User Teams mode?
If it's Island, you cannot call externals. It should be Teams Only mode. 
You need to enable Enterprise voice.