Cannot login to Microsoft Teams in desktop app or web - Error 503

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Since this morning I am unable to login to Teams, either in the desktop version or in the web version. I tried from 2 different computers.

This is the error I keep getting:

teams.PNGSurprisingly, Teams is working on the mobile version.

I am the only one in my company to whom this is happening. My colleagues on the same domain do not have this issue.


Has anyone encountered this before?





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Hello Valentin,


We have the same issue since the auto-update of the client this morning. Only on PCs so it looks to be client related and note a service issue.

Its a service issue! Web version is affected! Judt posten a new thread about this


dont think so, team does not work also


Are you still having this problem? Apparently everything is working again
We too, in Italy, this morning, same problem :(
In Holland we are back again.
Great everyone is up and running! Had a bit of teams abstinence this morning :)

We have the same issue once more today (Mo. 29.10.2018) !


Non of the users can login into Teams Desktop Client (corporate and public network).


Teams Web Client is working fine.

Haven’t heard anything yet...What version are you running?
Create a ticket as well!

Sie haben Microsoft Teams Version (64-Bit). Sie wurde zuletzt am 02.10.18 aktualisiert.


It works sometimes

Thank you! Have the same version and working! Please check your service status in the admin portal


Created a ticket?

Hi Adam, yes I've created a ticket. There is no service announcement in the admin portal. Mainly users with AD-SSPR and non domain joined devices have this problem.

Although it seems to be fixed since around 08h00 CET

Great! Let me know if MS found any issue!!

@Valentin Barbe 


I also faced the same problem. Ms Teams works for my mobile but not for my laptop. I have tried to 2 different laptops for many times and got message "We couldn't sign you in. Please try again." 

What should I do? Please advise. Thank you


my id is not log in in my desktop  only on teams app