Cannot log into Gmail with my Gmail account after using the same email for Team

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Since my new work needs to use Microsoft Team, I was invited to Team using my Gmail account. After setting up everything, I successfully logged into Team, but I was not able to log back into my Gmail. It kept showing me the error message. How can I solve it without using another browser to log into my email? Thank you!

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What happens if you browse to Does it redirect to the page you have in your screen shot?
Yes, it redirects me to the page I have in the screenshot.
OK, I suggest you contact your tech support team at the university and ask them to investigate this for you.
The problem is that the email address I use is my personal email address, but I don't know why it redirects me to the school email log-in.
When you logon, do you get a prompt asking you to choose between a work/school account and a personal account?