Cannot hide gallery in "focus on content" or "full screen" mode

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Hi There,


Previously, when I selected "focus on content" on Teams, the gallery would be hidden. Recently, I reinstalled my laptop and found out that after "focus on content" is select, all the other attendants face would be hidden, but not mine. The following picture shows the screenshot of the Teams.


This phenomenon also happens when I use "Full Screen".


Someone knows how to solved it?


Thanks in advance


[update  1/28/2022]: A new Team v1.4.00.35564 has been released, and solved this issue. Please update your team.



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I have the same problem !
me too!
how to hide myself? i dont need to see my own profile picture while in meeting :((

@Mr_Radar I have the same issue... 

Last week this started happening on my video calls.  Focus on content no longer hides the side panel and it takes up a lot of the screen!!! @Mr_Radar 

I also have the same issue. I still don't see any solution from MS.
I and my colleagues find it very annoying not to be able to focus on content anymore.

@pavithraperera I have the same issue and it seems that all Nokia people have the same problem since few days. this is a huge regression. What does Microsoft do for solving it?

Same here. Hope this will be fixed, soon :(
I also have the same issue.
I have the same problem!

I have the same issue which started just recently in 2022.  It is very annoying as it makes the shared content smaller and harder to see.  Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

Yes, it's very annoying!
This appears to be a relatively recent regression, and further interferes with the ability to have a true full screen view of presented content.



Same issue here, following for a resolution as it is difficult to read some content without it.  Obviously a  technical flaw that needs to be fixed quickly.  Many folks in my company are complaining about it.  

Full screen was already a deficient experience, now this? Can you guys buy ZOOM for good, so we can have a microsoft colaborative tool polished and nicely working please?!?!?.


For the temporary fix, switch to the MSteams web version until they give us a solution.
I'm experiencing the same problem and hoping it to be fix quickly. BTW thanks @pavithraperera for workaround.



Same here, what a huge oversight by the Teams division. I guess they didn't test that during QA of the newest release?

Same problem here. I first noticed it late December 2021. Very annoying when someone is presenting and the text is a little small. "Focus on content" used to show my image as a movable floating screen but now it just takes up useable space.