cannot hear anyone unless headphones plugged

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the problem was there from the day i downloaded Teams on my laptop last week. Whenever anybody talks i cannot hear them unless i plug my headphones in. When I unplug them for a certain time i can hear someone through the laptop speakers but now and then they are muted and yet again i cannot hear anything. At that point i need to plug and unplug my headphones again. I checked the settings and they are set to laptop's speakers. What may be the problem?

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One of my user just encountered this last week. Suspected a faulty speaker hardware, but after some back and forth with the computer's manufacturer, it turned out to be corrupted software drivers...
Have you selected the computer speaker in Teams? Quite often, if other things are plugged into your computer, it can be erroneously selecting them.
Also, many computers have manufacture drivers that often popup when you plug in a headset and these can be set incorrectly.

First test, does anything else come out of your speakers?