Cannot find viva connections app on the Teams Admin Centre

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Hello Teams Community,


Please I need your help on this.


In the Teams, admin center >> under manage apps >> there is no app called viva connections. I can see Viva Learning and Viva Insights but not Viva Connections.


I am following this article to setup viva connections for my teams app


I have attached a screenshot where i couldnt Viva Connection on the Teams Admin Centre 



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@IBN I am seeing the same on a dev/test tenancy but can seem to work out why. I am seeing The Viva Connections app on the live tenant. Odd

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Hi @IBN 

I had the same issue and stumbled across the reason why 'Viva Connections' was not appearing in the 'Manage Apps' section of the Teams Admin Centre.

When you work through this page and initially add the app (and eventually 'Allow' it), you have to provide a 'Short name' when customising it. This is what your tenant's 'Viva Connections' app is now called.


So, if you go back to the 'Manage apps' area of your Teams Admin Centre, and search for what you probably renamed it at the initial 'add viva connections app' stage of the process, you will hopefully now see your 'Viva Connections' app. For example, if you used the short name 'Intranet', search for 'Intranet' and you'll hopefully see your app. A couple of clues will be that the Publisher is 'Microsoft Corporation' and the Categories are 'Microsoft' and 'Productivity'. If you cannot recall what you short name you provided, you could always sort the 'Categories' column and scroll to 'Microsoft, Productivity'. There are only three apps with those exact tags (at time of writing this post). The screenshot below is the row pertaining to my 'Viva Connections' app (remember, not called Viva Connections any more as it is now called whatever that 'short name' was entered as). Version is 1.0.2 at thime of writing as well if that helps. Select the row, scroll left and you should be able to see your very own 'Viva Connections' app (remembering one more time that this will now be named whatever you entered as the short name all that time ago!)




I hope that helps you work out where Viva Connections went. Let me know if that helped.