Cannot fetch Calendar with Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic

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I've tried Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic license with Logitech TAP, however it shows "Cannot fetch Calendar" on Logitech TAP. Is it because this is free license and MS has cut down that feature? 

I couldn't find any info related to this issue.

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There is no such limitation with Basic license, I actually tested it myself now on a MTR to make sure. So in your case I guess it is some connection issue.

@Tim_Nguyen1125 I would suggest that you check that you have modern authentication enabled and selected when trying to sign in on the MTR account. This is the first thing that comes to mind for me when this cannot fetch calendar occurs.

@CANDEman Modern Authentication mode is disappear so I think this is limitation of free license.
I don't have the option to turn/on off Modern Authentication, but it works with Modern Authentication so the limitation in the free license is to turn off Modern Auth.