Cannot edit anothers calendar after a teams meeting has been added

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Hello All


At the company i work for we have an issue where 2 users (secretaries) who can edit in a third user's (manager) calendar become unable to edit an event after one of them adds a teams meeting link to the event.


It feels like the event gets locked to the secretary who creates the teams meeting link and then it doesn't let the other secretary edit it. This is causing a lot of pain for my users.


Has anyone experienced this? Or does anyone have a good guess as to what might be causing it?


Applications in use:

Microsoft Outlook 2016 windows 10 web application. version 16.0.5182.1000 (32-bit)

Microsoft Teams version (32-bit)

Windows 10 Enterprise


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When one of the users adds Teams to the meeting, they become the Teams Meeting Organizer. It' currently not possible to have multiple organizers for Teams meetings so this os expected behaviour. There have been plans to introduce a co-organizer role for some time but the timeframe is now pushed back to November 2021 as shown here -

Hello @PeterRising 


Thank you very much for the informative answer! I did not know it was possible to see the development roadmap like so, so that is a big help! :)