Cannot download Teams Live recording

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I was a producer of Teams Live event and would like to download the recording. I click the download button as per below picture. Yet, after few seconds, my Teams application switches off. No file is downloaded. I tried several times and it happened again. Can sbd advise what might be the reason? Is there any alternative to get the recording? 


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Yep - Same here. Just spins for a bit and then does nothing. Tried the desktop client and web client - both do the same thing. I can watch the recording as an attendee, but the recording is trapped inside teams somewhere, being held hostage, with no contact to friends and family, in solitary confinement. Please raise awareness, please help us set our recordings free!

Hi @james-- , i was just wondering what happend to your hostage recording, because i experience the same thing just now 

Unfortunately I never managed negotiate freedom for my meeting recording :(

Hi! This just happened to me. What I did to fix is was open Teams on the browser and download it from there. This way the app doesn't crash since you're on the browser. @Marika1987 

Eventually the download worked, tried a lot of things but eventually after a few hours/ almost a day it worked