Cannot dial out on Android device as it keeps asking for permission

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I have Teams on my Pixel 3 and up to about a month ago i was able to dial out via my contacts or by entering a number into the Teams dial pad.

Note that i can still receive calls on my phone and can make and receive calls form my PC.


Since the last Teams update i cant do either as it keeps telling me that 'Teams needs permission'. I have allowed all permissions, including microphone and contacts.


My phone is running Android 12 with the October 21 security update. Being a Pixel 3 this was it's final update.

The Teams version installed is 1416/


And yes, i have unistalled and reinstalled, cleared the cache, restarted the phone and confirmed that my Teams phone licence is still valid (it is).


To me it looks to be the last Teams update for Android was a bit Bung!!

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Well it looks like i can no longer receive calls either without updating my permission settings.
Having the same issue from last week on my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra device. In spite of giving all the permissions Teams is still prompting to give permission to phone which is already enabled. Any resolve on this.
I've seen posts about users that uninstalled the Teams app and downloaded an older APK and installed that instead. But that requires that you know how to do that and that your organization allows it.

Report to Microsoft Support to, I have the error and done that.
I thought of doing that but it's a lot of fluffing around and the end i can just block my number and call someone. Not being able to answer calls in Teams is pain though.

It's my old personal phone so loading an older APK is not a problem. I'm holding out going to the company supplied Samsung phone as i hate their UI.
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Microsoft have published a new version of Teams app that should solve this, version 1416/ MS have sent the updated app to Google app store so it will be available in the next few days.
So a bit of an update.
It looks like Teams has updated as I am now able to send and receive calls through the app.