Cannot delete user from private channel

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Hi all,


We have had private channels for some time now (a few months), and it seems that's it's impossible to delete a user from a private channel. Is that the case? It seem inconsistent. Deleting it from the local app didn't work; doing it from the web worked, but not everytime...


Of course a workaround would be to delete the user from the whole Teams... but no, the user retains its rights in the private channel!


Anyone have the same issue? Thx.

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Are you talking about the files of the private channel or the actual channel itself? If you remove them from a team I don’t see how they would have access to the channel any longer since the Team would be removed from their list.

If you are talking about the files on the site collection then there currently is a delay or some hours I believe before the permissions for the files gets updated with the group membership.

Hi All, I am facing the same issue. Using Graph API, when i tried to delete a member  from a private channel, getting 400 Bad request error even though the channel membershipType is of type "private".
Please suggest how to overcome this.

we are also facing the issue, that for some reason users cannot be removed from private channel. Even using the teams admin center does not allow me to remove the user. Trying to remove the user via graph api ends up in the error "Failed to execute Skype backend request GetThreadS2SRequest."


We are having a ticket open at microsoft already but they cannot provide a solution so far.

The problem is getting bigger and bigger in our company and our management is close to the decision to stop MS Teams usage.....


I am really frustrated with the suppoirt from microsoft. They know that there is an issue with the graph API but they are not willing to provide a change.