Cannot create zendesk connector

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I am trying to add Zendesk connector (not tab) to a team channel.


It shows the URL that I need to enter.

After clicking on sign in button, i have to enter username and password.

Then it goes back to the same screen (without signing in) and no where I can configure the connector.


What is wrong?





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@Angeli Hoare you able to use your URL without Teams, also the same password you are trying in Teams while setting up Zendesk works elsewhere or not?


is there is any diffrence between http:// and https:// for zendeskor not


I hope you already consider these options.



@Pervaiz Dostiyar 


Yes, I am able to connect via tab, but not connector.

That mean the url is fine and the user UPN is working fine too, so there could be something going on with zendesk connector ??

Maybe shall wait for other to response if not then opening a ticket with zendesk support maybe needed as for them to check !!!
What license do you have? One of the integrations requires the higher tier license.

@Chris Webbbusiness premium

Your Zendesk license, not Office 365 one :)
well even without the license you still should get the config screen. I just tested mine and it seems to be working fine. So not sure what could be going on there. Assume you approved the connector permissions and all of that? Is this a new install? If not, maybe try to click manage, remove the connector, then try adding it again.



@Chris Webb 

this is the screen I keep on getting back to after sign into zendesk

go try to set it up via and see if you have the same issue.

@Chris Webbsame issue on browser.


I managed to copy the URL and run it at the browser.


Here is the URL:


why it has access_denied error??