Cannot create new document in website tab linked to team channel

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In a team I have several tabs set up as website links to team channels in the same team. But when trying to create a new Word or Excel documents within this tab, I get an error every time saying: "Something went wrong. Unable to send AtomFrameHostMsg_Message_sync".

Anyone seen this before?

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Yes! Thisbis a limitation in the desktop client! Use the SharePoint library tab instead if its alright starting from the root of the library

@adam deltinger Im sorry to hear that. Although I did not find this in the "Known Issues For Microsoft Teams" -

I have a colleague who only runs Microsoft Teams in the browser, and he has the same issue. 

Yes I know that I can use the Document Library tab, but as you say, the problem is that it points to the root of the document library, which defeats the purpose.


Hi, I have the same issue and I need to use the website tab to adress a single folder instead of all the library.

This wold also be solved if I could add the metedata columns in the File tab.

Any suggestions o workaround on this?