Cannot create another Teams Free Org after deleting old one (got forwarded to Azure, now here)

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Dear Teams Community,


after couple of checks was forwarded to Azure forum. (, now here (


Microsoft offers now Teams Free, so I signed up for it, and then instead of renaming, deleted it to create a new one (found renaming solution too late). The FAQ of Free Teams says - you can create another Free Teams org as soon as you left (deleted) the old one. But in my case I get an error "Something went wrong". The other colleagues say, there is some issue in Azure, Azure forwarded to you.


It seems I am not the only one like that - several same questions, but no solution so far.

Can you please check and suggest the solution (hopefully without forwarding...)?


Thank you in advance,


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I have the same issue without solution yet **bleep** you MS.


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@amenizi Well, I have to agree on this one apart from the **bleep** as there are so many affected by this. Meaning, they have created a Teams free org. with a personal Microsoft account. Then deleted the org. following the steps here Delete your Teams free org. Even though waiting several days it seems as only a few can reuse their personal address when signing up for Teams free again. And there just isn't any proper answer to why this is only happening to a few, or how to resolve it, other than signing up/creating a new Teams free org. with a new email address. I do not have the issue myself but would appreciate a more user-friendly approach in terms of information here Teams free support 

Hi, bec064!

I actually deleted the Teams as described (subscriptions, etc) but still have this problem.

@KTKT_863 I understand. As you can see if you read my reply a bit more thoroughly. 

@KTKT_863 Hi, it's not accepted as a solution but as "best response", meaning the question has been answered and can be marked as such. It's still a problem. Some users just cannot re-use their credentials after deleting a Teams free org. and there's no explanation or solution other than to set it up with another address/account. I will update this post if I find a solution to it.

This is EXACTLY what happened to me! I followed that guide in the link and deleted my teams and then the Azure tenant. Now I cannot use any email address from the same domain name to create a new free teams org! This is VERY FRUSTRATING! I have been trying this for the past month!