Cannot create an account - "you're not on teams yet | You can't sign in here with a personal acc..."

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I've been trying to create an account and use the free MS teams.

I was able to sign up with my personal email and received an email with the headline:

Thanks for signing up for Microsoft Teams

But when I try to use it within the app, after logging in, the message "You're not on Teams yet, but you can set it up for your organization." is shown.

Whenever I try to sign up again, in the standard white login page the message "Thanks for signing up for Microsoft Teams" appears.


I've tried as well creating a new email, but the last message is shown once more.


How can I proceed with this?


Thank you,

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Can You try sign in from another browser or from an inprivate browser session!
It’s common that cached credentials messes up login experiences

Hi @sergio-pb , 


This is a bug and there is a work around for now, but a fix is coming as it's a known issue. Please see my reply here for work around:




Hi Sergio-pb,


I have the exact same problem. I am using MS-Teams on my MacBook Pro and it worked before with my private Microsoft account. I was wondering whether Microsoft changed its policy or whether it is the typical Mac compatibility problem, but I am using the actual desktop app for Mac.

When you follow the sign up instruction, do you also get the message "switch to Skype"?


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Hello @FL_28   This is a common question, so I did a quick search of the community and found other posts with a similar theme.  This one should answer the question:

I think I have the same problem. I have just left school, where I used teams linked to the schools email account, and am about to start college. The college have set me a link to attend a meeting to my personal email account. When I try to sign in using this account it tells me that I cannot use my personal email. I uninstalled Teams an clicked the meeting link again and downloaded a fresh version of the app. Now I can join the meeting as a guest but have no access to calendars etc. I I try and get 'A better experience by signing in' a new page opens but returns to the front page after a few minutes. What is going wrong?