Cannot change Profile Picture on Teams

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I asked T-bot on how to change your profile picture on teams but when I went to my profile, it doesn't give me the option to "change picture". It just says my name and my status.

is there a newer version I need to install?

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I don't think you can change the profile picture from can change from Delve, your account page and additionaly from Exchange Online

@Elissa Wang - Yes, you can if you click on your avatar in Microsoft Teams (make sure you have to latest version). If you still don't see it, try with Teams online: 




But, I don't think it will sync your picture with other Office 365 services. It seems that you'll have to do the same twice: once in Teams and the once as @Juan Carlos González Martín explained it.

i just tried it myself it works perfect so maybe a hickup?

I hadn't noticed but my own image in Teams is an older version compared to the rest of Office 365! That is certainly a bit odd. My image was changed before I installed Teams so I wonder where it is being pulled from.


Have a read of this blog post about a person trying to change their photo in O365.









Checked my setting and the image on the right is my default O365 photo but that doesn't appear in Teams desktop, it was my old image. But I was able to change it in both the cloud version and Windows desktop.

Still wondering where Teams picked up the older photo though.


But if you don't have the options to change your picture then either it's a permission thing or a bug.

I was not aware of that option on teams. Nice to know!

@Deleted I don't see the option to change my picture. I did check for updates but it seems like it's most up to date. 



@Elissa Wang - Interesting, did you try with the online/desktop app? 

@Deleted I tried it both, the change picture option doesn't pop up.

Well, I'd you suggest to check later. Teams is still in Preview...

Neither was I until I saw this thread!

We are working to identify where to update profile photos for Offices 365 applications and how and when these are synchronized along with the display priorities. Has anyone else mapped this out already?

@David Srour - Well, from my own experience, updating the avatar in OWA is the fastest way to get it synced across the services. But, with Teams, it takes ages to get it from other tenants or, even, yours. 



I am wondering if it's because we have a different licensing right now. We don't use all of the O365 suite. I don't have OWA but use OneDrive, Teams, some other apps... perhaps this is what makes it limited?

I have this same problem as well - both online, and in the app:



I am also having problems adding connectors even though I am the owner of the team. Not sure if that is connected, but there does seem to be some sort of permissions bug...


I also can't change Team picture...


We are also not using Outlook (we use Google Apps and Gmail on our server for mail) - I wonder if that is causing issues with Teams?

Perhaps this has something to do with being homed online with EX. If you are having this issue, find out if you have an Exchange Online mailbox verses an on-prem mailbox.

Have a look at the documentation here for interoperability between Teams and Exchange On-Prem, I think that will explain the experience you are having.  Specifically, users without Exchange Online mailboxes are unable to change their picture (as of the time of the document publish 9/25/17).  My experience with connectors varied a bit from this documentation in that while my mailbox was on-premises, I could configure most of the connectors I tried.  However, once I moved my mailbox to the cloud, I was required to reconfigure all those connectors because they stopped working.  Hope this helps!

The only workaround that I've been able to find is via updating your Avatar within Skype for Business, as that operates off of the same platform as Teams. When you update your image in Azure, the picture doesn't carry over. When you update it in Skype, it will. May be something to look into.