Cannot Adjust Audio Conferencing Settings Per User

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Recently for my organization we needed to add an Audio Conferencing license for one of our users because a phone number would not show when he created email invites for team meetings. I assigned the license to his profile and when I follow this article on how to Set the hone numbers included invites in Microsoft Teams  I get to step 3 within the admin console and see no option to edit Audio Conferencing settings within the users panel of the teams admin console. I tried going to the Skype legacy portal and see that the phone number is assigned there but when the user tries to create invites there still is no phone number displayed. When I go to Voice > Phone Numbers the phone number is also listed there and it says "Assigned to conferencing bridge". 


In the users panel when I find the user with the active audio conferencing license, it says "Audio Conferencing: ON" but when I go to "Edit settings" there is no setting to edit audio conferencing. Just "Policies" and "Teams Upgrade". I attached a screenshot of the "Edit Settings" panel from the users panel.

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Hi @JamesBoucher

This should be done automatically simply by applying the AC licence. The bridge will assign the same number to all users who have the AC licence unless you customise the bridge and assign different bridge numbers to users. Most organisations find it simpler to manage to just use one.

After a few hours of applying the AC licence, have the user sign out of Teams completely, close Teams and Outlook, then log back into Teams and then into Outlook, go to Calendar in Outlook and then select Teams Meeting. It ought to display there

Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Hey Chris, the settings showed up under the user with the AC license yesterday where I can see that the toll number was assigned specifically to his account, so I know that its there. I had the user send a test meeting and still no number is showing up in the invite.

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Hmm ok,

What about one of these three resolutions? (Ignore the licence one we have ruled this out)

Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris
Hey Chris, I connected to the users computer fully logged him out of teams and outlook and that seemed to work! Thanks!!!