Cannot add "OneNote" and "Planner" tabs to Teams on mobile

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I specified OneNote and Planner in "allow specific apps and block all others" in Teams apps / permission policies. I have added these two "installed apps" and "pinned apps" in Teams Apps / Setup policies and the tabs do indeed show in Teams on the desktop. For the life of me, I cannot make these two app tabs show in Teams on mobile devices after more than a week and after signing out and back in a dozen times.


I am running out of options what else to try. Any hint is appreciated!

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@DanielSB Does it reproduce on both platforms Android & IOS or any specific? If you are still able to repro can you DM me logs from the phone (Settings -- > Help & Feedback -- > Report an Issue/Send Feedback) 

@Tushar Pathak Thanks for looking into this! It seems I didn't describe the problem properly - the tabs do show up in channels and in the left-hand menu of Teams desktop; but the apps do not show at the lower icon bar on Teams mobile. A Microsoft support said that this is technically not possible right now but may be added as a feature in future.