Cannot add link to folder on own computer to Word-doc on Teams

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I would like to add a link/pathway to an Excel file on a shared drive to Teams. I was hoping I could add it as a link in a Word doc to 'Files' on teams. I can't add the Excel file directly to Teams as it loses important functionality when I do that. However the link doesn't work when I add it. It works fine if I open the word document outside of Teams. Has anyone got any good ideas for why it doesn't work? Or if there's another way to share a link to a file on a shared drive, then I'm all ears.



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How are you exactly getting the sharing link to the Excel file? Take a look at Microsoft Documentation in this matter:
Hi. I'm getting it by holding down shift and creating a path from where it is saved on our internal shared folders and then adding that to a word document in Teams and linking to it. The link in the word document works when it is opened outside of Teams, but the link doesn't work when the word documents is opened in teams.