Cannot add internal teams member to contacts

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I am admin at my school - we are implementing Teams due to COVID19. I have a colleague who has the same licenses as everyone else, but this person cannot be added as favorite in contacts, his email doesn't show up at mouseover and neither does the "send email to" icon. 


It shows up by everyone else (example attatched), so any suggestions to why Teams doesn't show his email and make him impossible to add as favorite? 

See screenshots, thanks


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Is he recently added to Teams? Then wait, it can take 24 hours until everything is synched and ready. That could be a problem. But also try do the same from Teams Web Application

@Linus Cansby 


Thanks for replying. He is a brand new member on teams (a1 for faculty), though he has had an account on proplus faculty, where he has had email address on outlook for a long time.


But the strange thing is that other users that I've recently also added are up and running with email icon and "add to favorite".


Is there a toggle button at the user so that he/she can activate whether he/she can be contacted by email? 


Regards, Heine

Hello everyone. Still no sign of being able to add this member to contacts. This is also not possible when using the call function, where you can see contacts and add these. 


Again this particular person cannot be added. I can find him, but when I press add, nothing happens. 


This may seem like a small thing, but to him it's frustrating. Any advice? Should I remove his licenses and try again?

Hello, a question to the programmers that developed TEEMS or users that already had problems in schools or universities. During the lecture, the students found the function to mute the microphone and began to mute others. But it turned out that any of the participants can also be removed from the lecture. Although this is a flaw as well. the right of the administrator should belong to the speaker or the initiator of the online conference. We are teachers and parents looking for a way out. HOW you can change the parameters or calculate (if possible according to the intensity of requests from the teams of participants. In any case, we are looking for how to remedy the situation so that everyone was heard when necessary. And remove from the lecture only the right of the LECTOR (initiator of the conference). ! 

A bit of off topic but in Teams meetings you have two roles, Presenters and Attendees. Attendees can't mute others or kick them out from the meeting. Make sure that only the correct persons in the meeting are Presenters.

 i have the same issue may some one help us @heinehamborg