Cannot access Teams


I use my work email ID to access client team and sharepoint sites.


When I login, it says "Password Incorrect". If I try to reset password, it says I don't have the authority and an email has been sent to my admin. I have checked with my Admin and the response I got is the office is not a Microsoft shop so we don't have any organization set-up at all for MS or Teams.


If I try to recover the account, I get a reply "Your account does not exist" and If I try to create a free account with my work ID, it says "Work email".


Please help

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Hello @GauriSD  I'm sorry you're having these issues.  I'm going to ask a key contributor @ChristianBergstrom to look at this post and see if he can offer a solution. 


In the meantime, this past post - while not exactly your same issue - has solutions you might want to try: Stuck in a Sign-in loop after changing my password - Microsoft Tech Community

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Hello, will probably need more details here. But you have a work email for Teams use and your org. doesn’t use Teams or even have an org? Are the credentials provided to you from a client or are you a guest user with guest account? It sounds like the latter and that you're you switch between credentials and/or tenants? I would sign out from everything, clear cache, reboot and/or only use InPrivate mode here and perhaps reach out to the client you’re having issues accessing.

Also, you cannot create a Teams free org. with business credentials.


Adding this B2B collaboration FAQs - Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs


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