Cancel an accidental Teams invite, inviting wife to join my COMPANY?

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I haven't been able to find an answer to this, sorry if it has been answered.


My wife had some job interviews lined up and she hadn't used Teams before. My company uses Teams, and we frequently invite external clients etc to join our meetings. My experience with setting up meetings is still limited, but I thought how hard can it be? So I set up a total of four test meetings to test her webcam, mic, background setup, etc. (each a separate occasion - I didn't just mindlessly spam these invites). If i recall correctly, she was able to join the meeting and run it on the desktop app if she joined by clicking the link in the invitation emails she received. But the problem that persists to this day is that when she opens the app manually, she can't get to the menu or anything - instead the whole UI is dominated by a single message "You've been invited to COMPANY NAME INC." (the company I work for), and the only options available are "Continue", which takes her to an accept-the-terms window, or "Sign Out" which just signs her out of her microsoft profile. (Why is there no option to "Decline"???)


On my computer I tried removing her from every invite list and cancelling all four test meetings. When I search her name, it still says "her name (Guest)" and her email, like she's still a guest somewhere, but clicking on the name just opens a new chat with her.

Tried signing out and back in, but we get the same message. 


The only way I can figure is to accept the invite, publicly joining our list of employees in Teams, then somehow finding a way to leave the company directory AFTER???  I obviously don't want that. I don't think external clients get the same message, and I've been invited by external clients to join their meetings, and never felt like I was accepting an invite to join their company directory.


There has to be a way to cancel the invite on my end, or decline on her end!

Please help?

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I am having the same problem, I have received what appears to be an accidental invite to my personal email address and can't accept or decline. Did you ever find a solution?