Can you stop pupils from making calls, but allow them to receive calls

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We are using Teams during the Corona lockdown and want to stop pupils from making calls to one another because we cannot monitor them. We do however want students to still receive calls from teachers. 


Can this be done?

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The only way I see to achieve this is by means of disabling private chats in Teams

@Juan Carlos González Martín but would this stop staff from calling the student?

@Juan Carlos González Martín  Would disableling private calls in teams admin achive this perhaps?

We are in the same boat. I’m the net admin here. Initially I disabled private chat and private meetings because that’s what I was asked to do. No communication was possible at that point beyond channel conversation. So then I disabled allow scheduling of private meetings and. That also stoped teachers from being able to setup meetings as-hoc. This seems like something that should be obtainable but I haven’t had any luck. It is also frustrating how long the policy’s take to apply and apply changes. I’ve had to manually flush clients cache in the teams app to get their client to allow chats with students after disabling it. Urgh.
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@jdub44 Disable only the Private Call. The user will not be able to make and receive private call. The staff has to setup a meeting with the student to have a call..


navigate to Teams Admin ->  Users -> View Policy - > callingpolicy - DisAllow Calling



Did you get any further with this?



@Maruthi Gadde 


Is this the only way to do? So staff cannot just private call, they have to setup a meeting?



Hi, no i didnt actually, but i beleive if you do take calls off them, then they cant receive calls, although i did do some testing on my teams account with the calling policies, waitied a few hours after making the changes and was still able to receive them without setting up a meeting. i suspect the settings hadnt updated  as some settings take nearly 24hrs to take affect. so i may try it again, but reading other peoples expereincess on the net, setting up a meeting seems to be the only way around it, i think for now 



Hi. You will need to have different policies for staff and pupils. Apply the educator teacher using remote learning policy package to all staff.


Then you can disable all private calls on the global policy without it removing the calls from staff.



Doesn't that then stop student from receiving private calls?



It prevents them from sending or receiving instant calls, but does not stop them from attending scheduled meetings.


My current issue is that there is no option to insist that members of your organisation wait for the organiser to open the meeting in a waiting room. This feature was due to be rolled out in May but hasn't arrived yet.

Need this too but doesnt seem to be a way in the policies, either you allow calls or dont, no receive/make option.


Meetings seem the only way. Tell the student the time you will make the call, then just do an ad hoc meeting. Tell the student they need to be signed into the Teams app first though!

@rflook - did you get an answer on how to enable private calls between Educators and Pupils while still not allowing Pupil to Pupil calls

I've read through the posts but I didn't see an response in regards to the above.


 It did get resolved eventually. At the time that I asked, it was not possible but MS added some new midway through last year. The solution is within the policy options in the Office365 admin centre.


@GFowler1969 Thanks for the info. Could you be a bit more specific about where the solution is. Looked through the admin center and nothing jumped out at me.