Can you see wiki history?


Is is possible to see a history of who has edited what in a wiki?

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1. Click Open in SharePoint for the specific channel.
2. Select "Teams Wiki Data" under Site Contents.
3. Select channel folder.
4. Open Version History from ... menu for the appropriate Wiki page.

@Fred Y Thank you, this is helpful. However, this only shows who edited a file. Is there any way to see exactly what edits were made, like other Wiki software?

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By default, there is no comparison tool between Wiki revisions. The workaround that I can think of would be downloading a local copy of specific versions and using tools like WinDiff or WinMerge to compare changes but it would include any special characters. 




That only works if you have access to the Site Contents area. For the rest of the staff, who edit their own content, they will need to contact IT every time to get versioning data.
have you find any other tool that can be used like Wiki but with edit history?

@Fred Y 

Thanks for this.  But I can't figure out how to open the wiki in Sharepoint.  I can open the channel that way, but I don't have the option for the wiki within it. 


Can you help?  Perhaps something has been lost in the development?  I see your comment was from a few years ago.


Or perhaps the problem is that I made the wiki a tab?  It's just not showing up with the other contents.




You have to open the SharePoint associated with the Team by going to the General Channel. Then in the right side of the window choose the 3 dots and choose "Open in SharePoint".
Then your browser will launch and you can choose the "Site contents" in the left navigation pane. Then you will see the Library for "Teams Wiki Data". Inside of that you will find a Folder for each Channel that exists in the Team. If you then go into the folder you will see the files and you can use the vertical dots to the right of each file and choose "Version History"
Not sure how much information or level of changes you will see but I believe you can see who is making edits.

@drcateh ,
Here is a screenshot when you're in Posts under General channel.


While I appreciate the information and workaround suggestion, I'm not sure why @ThereseSolimeno marked this as an answer. It's very much a workaround and not a good one. If you're going to have a Wiki integrated into Teams, add some of the missing basic features please. While it would be nice to have everything consolidated in Teams, my organization has chosen to use completely different Wiki software, due to the many limitations with the Teams Wiki.

Hi @Brian_Bothwell   Best response is intended to be just that - the best response available at the time of posting (not necessarily a permanent fix or final solution).  As time goes on, when other users come across older posts, they may not want to wade through all of the discussion and go straight to the most helpful suggestions.