Can you see wiki history?


Is is possible to see a history of who has edited what in a wiki?

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1. Click Open in SharePoint for the specific channel.
2. Select "Teams Wiki Data" under Site Contents.
3. Select channel folder.
4. Open Version History from ... menu for the appropriate Wiki page.

@Fred Y Thank you, this is helpful. However, this only shows who edited a file. Is there any way to see exactly what edits were made, like other Wiki software?




By default, there is no comparison tool between Wiki revisions. The workaround that I can think of would be downloading a local copy of specific versions and using tools like WinDiff or WinMerge to compare changes but it would include any special characters. 




That only works if you have access to the Site Contents area. For the rest of the staff, who edit their own content, they will need to contact IT every time to get versioning data.
have you find any other tool that can be used like Wiki but with edit history?