Can you delete bot posts in MS Teams?

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I've added Polly and am unable to delete a poll that I've posted - does anyone know how to do this?

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Hi Alishia


I'm not aware of a way to delete a poll at present (unless someone else here knows how?), but it may be in the works for the future.


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Currently, Owners can delete Polly surveys but because the bot posts the survey instead of the user, the context makes it so only Owners with delete post setting on can do so.
Nice one buddy!
Thanks Christopher

I recently did a test bot poll using Forms. I went on to Forms, delete the post, but I am not able to delete the bot post. I am the owner of the teams site. 

@Deleted I can't see the option to delete the bot conversation thread.  There was no delete option available.  

@Deleted , actually never mind.  Discovered that a setting needs to be enabled on the Admin Centre.


where are the steps to enable this? Is there a resources we can follow? thanks!


@Alishia Nathan You need even as an Owner tick Owners can delete all post setting on in Teams settings under Member section. Then Owner can delete allso bot messages.

@MarcRipinHi Everyone,


I asked my Teams admin to check the box "Allow owners to delete all posts" however when I do a right click, I still don't have the delete option for post created by a Bot and it's particularly annoying, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

@ ChristianBergstrom

Thanks for your reference. I will wait to be fixed.
I set org wide policy to allow chat message deletion, and it let me delete all messages, even posted by bots. Maybe there is some other swich to turn on.
set-csteamsmessagingpolicy –tenant <GUID> –allowownerdeletemesage $true
Hi, good to know as a workaround requiring admin involvement, but not as an end-user.