Can you apply Teams policies to security groups?

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I'm trying to anticipate the challenges of scaling what appears to be user based policies. We have 50,000+ users.
Did I imagine this, or is there something planned to allow policies to be assigned to groups of users?
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You can’t do this as of today, but it’s coming!
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And it is listed for release in March, but that can be changed.

You could also create a Poweshell script that reads the members in a group, then loop through all members and apply policy per member.
And here is the documentation updated with assigning policies to a group.

@Linus Cansby 

I added now a team policy for chat to multiple groups. but i want to have one security group, like "denyChat" in which all my security groups of users are in. this doesn't work. the policy is not mapped to the users policy list.


do you have an idea why this is not working in teams? a group in group combination.