Can we use one or more account in single ms teams app

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I would like to know if I can use 2 or more accounts simultaneously in ms teams?? Any thoughts please..
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Not using the actual Teams client. You can however sign into the Teams web client with multiple accounts, as long as they're individual web browser profiles, private browsing windows or different browsers.

Hello @Rockycobb Raymond ,

You can open MS Teams app on PC/laptop using multiple accounts in parallel, but not under single desktop app.

You can open the second account in web browser and install the site as an App.

  1. Login to Teams desktop app with Account 1. You will enjoy the features of Teams app.
  2. Open Chrome Browser and create Profiles for Account 2, Account 3, so on & so forth.
  3. Login to using Account 2.
  4. Go to Setting & More (...) > APPS > Install This site as an App
  5. Pop up window appears where you can rename APP as needed
  6. You will now see Teams for Account 2 is open as PWA.
  7. You can pin this to your Taskbar or create as shortcut and use both Account 1 & Account 2 simultaneously.

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Re Step 2 - how do I create a profile

Re Step 6 - what is a PWA


Do you have screen shots to support?