Can users with O365 F1 or F3 (Web apps only license) users login to Teams desktop apps?

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Hi All,

I am aware that MS Teams application is now part of O365 Suite. But when it comes to teams

 Microsoft is also providing an option to download MS Teams app from the internet. So users with web apps only license , can they login to Teams desktop applications ?



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@saikelu Yes, there is no difference in the client options for F type licenses, they can use the desktop app, mobile or web client for Teams.

@Steven Collier Thanks so much for your reply here. Your reply is seemingly one of the only references I can find online that confirms F1 licenses do indeed permit Desktop access to Teams. I have tested this and can confirm this still works at the time of posting. It even specifically says on the product page "Mobile and Web". I have spoken to multiple Resellers, and also logged a ticket with M365 support directly and all of them advised the cheapest option is Business Standard - so wrong! Thanks again. You may have saved myself and others potentially lots of money.

I agree. This is the only source of truth on the net regarding Teams on F1/3 bundles.
Unfortunately M365 support is getting worse every year... Highly unreliable, especially with the first tear engineers that are acting as filters.