Can users use different licenses within microsoft teams?

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We are rolling out Office 365 business premium in our office, however a couple of our staff members already have Microsoft 365 personal licenses. Will we need to convert those personal licenses in order to chat with them on teams?

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Microsoft 365 Personal licenses can be used alongside Microsoft 365 Business Premium licenses, allowing users with either license type to chat with each other on Teams. However, users with a Microsoft 365 Personal license may not have access to all of the features available to users with a Microsoft 365 Business Premium license, such as advanced security features and the ability to create custom applications.

To chat with a Teams Personal Account user, a Microsoft 365 user managed by an organization can invite them by entering their full email address or phone number. The Teams personal account user can then enter the exact organizational email address of the user they want to reach and attempt to start a chat. If the person is not a Teams user yet, they will receive an email or a text message inviting them to join the conversation using a personal account.

Once the person has accepted the invitation, they can start a new 1:1 or group chat or even add them to an existing external group chat. Rich messages, GIFs, and media can also be sent and received as part of the chat. Both users also have the option to block messages or leave a group chat if they wish.