Can users record a public channel meeting for a channel they are not a member of?

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For some context, we are a training organisation that, due to the events of the last year, have been delivering a lot online. Currently we are using Zoom, but would like to migrate to Teams.


What I would like to achieve is:

  • Create a team which our administrative staff members of.
  • Create meetings against the public channel of the created team. We want to use this so that recorded meetings will be stored against the team/public channel.
  • As all teams members will see all meetings created, we do not want our trainers to be members (do not want to bog them down). Our trainers are users within our Office 365 organisation.
  • For the above point, we want to invite our trainers to the meetings we create against the public channels.
  • We want our trainer to be able to record the meeting for it to be stored against the team/public channel.

I've read that this is impossible within private channels, but nothing specific about public channels.


In my testing, I haven't been able to get a invitee that is part of the same Office 365 org record a meeting.


I'm just wondering if what I want to do is possible (if so, will keep troubleshooting) or if this sounds like something that is not possible.


Thank you in advance :)

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