Can the automatically generated recording go to the organizer's OneDrive instead of first attendee's

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When a meeting is set to be automatically recorded, the recording will go to the Onedrive of the first person who joins the meeting.


It would be awesome that it always went to the meeting organizer's Onedrive instead, as not every time the organizer will join first. I know the organizer will still have permissions over the recording regardless of whose onedrive's it goes to. It still isn't very organized for the recordings of our weekly training sessions to be spread over different people's Onedrives.


There's also the chance of restricting people from entering the meeting before the organizer, but sometimes even the organizer won't attend the meeting, I could be on holidays or just to busy and choose to not attend knowing the presenter can take care of the whole thing with no issues.


Is there somewhere this can be changed?


Otherwise it should really really be on the roadmap for development.



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To be able to record a meeting one must have the presenter role so you should be good by making the other attendees when using the automatic recording feature

For the other part look at the lobby options