Can Teams channel Office 365 group works as a distribution list?

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My requirement is send email to all teams channel members to outlook (Not teams). In admin portal it says "Office 365" group for Teams channel and also it has Primary email address too. But when I am sending email to that email address no one getting email.


I know we have "Get Email Address" from Channel (which weird email address) but that address will send to Teams not to outlook. 


I am looking Office 365 group should work like distribution list by using Primary email address for channel? Is that possible to send



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It should work just fine. In your case, most likely none of the members is "subscribed" to the group, meaning they will be able to see the messages in the group mailbox, but not in their individual inboxes.

@Vasil Michev how to subscribe to group mail box to see the messages?

Each user can do so from the group menu (top right corner), or you as the admin can do it via the Add-UnifiedGroupLinks cmdlet. You should also consider toggling the -AutoSubscribeNewMembers setting for the group.

@itsmesri I appreciate this is late but thought it worth adding 


Under the group settings (accessed via Outlook) there is tick box to allow emails to be sent direct to individuals inboxes (as opposed to just the group inbox)