Can't update external number in call flows anymore

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We've been using a Teams call flow for a rotating oncall setup.   Once a week we login and change the External number the call flow is pointed at the cell of the person on call for that week.   This week after months of it working fine, it will not accept any external phone number.   We get the error "The input number is incorrect" when we try to update it.


Is anyone else experiencing this?  

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Yes I am now having the same issue.   I wonder what has changed? 


Same issue here also, noticed on Monday this week.

Has anyone found a work around yet?


Having the same issue here too - Could not find any notice or advice about changes or issues with the autoattendants for Teams
Same issue here.

This is creating a challenging problem for us.  Hopefully Microsoft gets it fixed.@jk831 

Same issue here. What is going on with Microsoft lately?!? I've been burned 3 times in the last week between this, the botched Defender update, and FSLogix version 2210 being a complete disaster. Making my life hell.
We're experiencing the same issue. Although i can't tell if it ever worked in our tenant. We're pretty new to Teams telephony.
It's the first call flow i ever tried ;)
I know for us it was working. I tried to make a change, now I am stuck and the location I needed to change isn't able to pass on calls.


Same issue here, not sure when it started. Reported it to MS support and this seems to be a tenant-specific issue. 


I am glad to see it isnt' just me, I noticed this yesterday, that input error is annoying. I have a support request in with MS. Existing auto attendants with external numbers if you pretend to edit such as take last digit out and put back in the input error happens.



If you need a temporary workaround you can create a new user with the business standard license, business voice license & the Microsoft 365 phone system, assign a phone number to this user then set up forwarding within the Teams settings of that user to your external number. Then route your AA option to that user. Tested and confirmed this works.
Same issue affecting multiple tenants we support. Have support case #34672341 open about this. If anyone else can share their case numbers (and refer to mine above) so we can refer to these in our case that would help avoid the hours of excessive info gathering that frontline support insist on.

@Scott Pettit 


34688239 is mine.

Looks like Microsoft have now confirmed the fault and are working on it!

Title: Admins may be unable to add external numbers when creating or editing auto attendants

User impact: Admins may be unable to add external numbers when creating or editing auto attendants.

More info: This issue only affects the Microsoft Teams admin center and admins may be able to avoid this issue using PowerShell. Admins may see an error that includes "The input number is incorrect." This could occur with both valid and invalid external numbers. We’re also applying targeted, temporary fixes for admins reporting this issue while the full solution is being prepared.

Current status: We've completed the fix development and final validations are underway. We expect that deployment will begin on Thursday, January 26, 2023. We'll provide a timeline for remediation as soon as one becomes available.

Scope of impact: Any admin may be unable to add new external numbers to auto attendants in the Microsoft Teams admin center.

Start time: Friday, January 13, 2023, 11:00 PM (12:00 PM UTC)

Root cause: A recent code update introduced a misconfiguration in the code responsible for validating external numbers, preventing the adding of new external numbers to auto attendants.

Next update by: Friday, January 27, 2023, 10:00 AM (1/26/2023, 11:00 PM UTC)

@AdamN404 thanks for the heads up, yes this is now showing in our admin center and definitely was not about 3 hours ago.


January 26th to start rolling out a fix is an unacceptably slow turnaround. Sounds like others affected need to push for this to be prioritised