Can't Sing-in to Teams from a Certain Device

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I'm a student and I can sing in to all the Microsoft Software but the only one I can't sing-in is Teams. I can sing-in to Teams from other devices but I can't sing in to the Software nor the web version. I enabled cookies, deleted cache I'm running out of ideas, Does anybody have an idea of how to fix this ?  

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Hi! Can you elaborate a little bit more what you are trying to do? What OS are you using? Have you checked the device settings in Teams?

What do you mean by sing in?


@adam deltinger  I'm running Windows 8.1 Enterprise and Teams doesn't sing me in to my account. And I can't view the device settings because it doesn't let me sing in. It says couldn't sing you in to Teams please try again later.  

Oh okay! Gotcha!it doesn’t say anything else? Is it a organization computer? Could be related to security settings? Is it in a certain location apart from the working devices?

@adam deltinger  Yes it doesn't say anything else and its a personal computer, also note that other accounts can log-in to Teams from that computer its only my school account that can't log-in to that computer but on other devices I can log-in with my school account.


If you can't sign on the teams app. Then try it on browser. I would work, because i have faced the same issue then I went on teams help page and found the answer. 

@franklinjosh It doesn't work in the browser I'll read the help page thank you 

@Mitsos132005 Restart your Android mobile device > then open Play Store find latest Teams version and install it, next sign in with your Office for business account. Also, check out if your other account is associated to another Microsoft app like (Outlook / Excel / Word / OneNote, etc.) and "log off" from all.

@Mitsos132005 Oh, I see! Since you've already reached out to Microsoft Support, that's a great step towards finding a solution. It's good to involve the experts who have specific knowledge and resources to address these technical issues. Now, it's a matter of waiting for their response. They will review your case, take into account the details you provided, and work on providing you with the best possible solution. In the meantime, try to stay patient and keep an eye on your email or notifications for their reply. Microsoft Support is known for their expertise, so I'm optimistic that they will be able to assist you and get your Teams  login issue resolved soon. Best of luck, and I hope you'll be back to using Teams smoothly in no time!