Can't Share Teams Message to Outlook

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New here, so forgive me if I posted on the wrong section of the community, I am not able to find this option of share to outlook in my teams desktop app which my client is able to, what I am missing?

Thank you for all your valuable time.


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No sort, you’ve come to the right place :)

Are you and the client in different tenants? Also what about other users in your tenant? Do they have the option?
Tried the web client? (

Might be a late rollout for your tenant but I believe it should be fully rolled out by now..

Also try to do a full logout/login in the desktop client


Thanks for the response, I am the guest and my client is the owner and we are the only two people collaborating.


I've been using Teams for a while, but when I saw that I can share things with Outlook, I then subscribed to outlook and installed it now and then I find that the option is not longer available for me which was available for my client.


Do I need to reinstall teams as outlook was installed later to teams and hence the integration is missing?


No luck on the and also tried the full logout and login on the teams desktop app.


Can anyone help me with this?


I also have this issue.  I see Share to Outlook is available, but it does not work.  Did you get it to work?

@nolafrost  No Luck, no help came my way, so I gave up. If you find a solution, please let me know

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@Srinivas23 Sorry, must have been user error.  After I posted this, I went back and tried it again and it worked.  Originally, I expected the email to automatically go to the person I was chatting with.  Instead I realized I needed to put their email address in the To field of the message.  I don't remember seeing that To field before - I'm not sure if it just took a few more seconds for it to appear?  

@nolafrost it worked for me from the web teams app :)