Can't share multiple documents in Teams

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When I use Teams I seem to only be able to share on document per call. I'd like to be able to switch between sharing multiple documents. Is there a solution to this?

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I think there are work arounds for it. How do you use teams in the browser or in a app? First of all i think it should be possible to send more files at once. But what you could do is prepare a share and share the link with the people on the call so they have the documents directly.

If you mean sharing a document on screen, you can certainly switch between multiple documents within a given application (say Word), or alternatively, you can share the entire screen and any and all applications/documents currently opened on it.

@Vasil Michev When I have shared my entire desktop on Teams, if I want to jump from sharing a word document to a pdf file, for example, the screen freezes on the other user's side, and I end up having to unshare and reshare, if I want to jump between files. I believe this is the issue that is being discussed. If anyone knows a solution to this that would be great. Otherwise, I am currently only using Teams when I know that only one document will be shared, or none at all.