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I just downloaded teams app on my iPhone to communicate with my 9year old daughter. She’s already login and a pop up message says She can’t receive messages until she signs in. I’m confused.
She tried to send me a message but I do t receive any. She has me in her teams as guest. I show on her teams as offline when I’m sign in and available. Please help.
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It sounds like you are both in your own Teams org's. If she invited you to her org, which it sounds like since you show as guest, you must switch to that org, on the mobile app, when you click your top left menu, at the bottom you should see her org there to switch to, if you don't then you haven't accepted the invite to her org so it gets added to your listing. She may have to remove, and re add you again, but it can be very problematic if you didn't get the initial invite and might be a problem you won't be able to solve. If you are just doing chat might not be the best product.