Can't see Microsoft Teams Live Event Option

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Hi all, 

I cant see my Microsoft Teams Live Event option anymore.

It was there last week but gone. 

I spoke with my with colleague who manages the licenses and admin centre and all good there.

It's just disappeared?? 


Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.



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Can you see it via the webclient? Is it only gone for you alone?

@adam deltinger 


No I can't see it there either I'm afraid.

Its the same for my teammates too!

No change in policies??

@adam deltinger 


When I could no longer see the Live Event option, I asked our admin centre controller to look into it and  to give permissions to myself and another colleague on Monday (I asked him to edit the Live Event Policies). I read it can take 24 hours to see changes and its been over 24 hours so not sure what the issue could be..  Maybe more waiting time? 


He would far more educated on the admin centre and policies etc but I did send him this guide to help if neccessary 

Did you ever get this sorted - exactly the same thing has just happened to me!


Thanks @EllaMurphy @adam deltinger 

@mrcurtisI am organising a conference in the next few weeks. Same problem: I created one live event for a practice session with my co-organisors one week ago. It worked perfect. Tonight, we wanted to check a few features of Teams live event and it has appeared we are not able to create one any more. We are three organisors from the same university and I am also affiliated with a different university from a different country. All four accounts aren't allowing us to schedule a live event any more whereas it was very intuitive. Has anything changed with teams since then (I doubt both University would have changed over the course of a week)?

*(I doubt both Universities would have changed their Teams licences over the course of a week)?
The same thing happened to me! And I AM the admin of the team! I can’t find it anywhere, but it was there last week!

My IT provider has done some digging - it seems that Live Events was on a free trial for users with A1 Faculty License which was meant to be a Month in May last year and they have just cancelled it.


I understand that this is a premium service and people need to make money but they could have at least let us know or given us warning.  Plus, is now (when lots of children all over the world are being subjected to remote learning) really the time to take the function away from educators.


I guess the fact that no one from Microsoft has replied to this thread to explain the issue or responded to my tweets shows that they are a little embarrassed about the whole thing.


We are looking into upgrading our licence, which I guess is why they have done it, but I have not heard if it will be cost effective or not yet.  Good luck everyone.