Can't open Word docs from within Teams

Steve Mountain
New Contributor



We have an issue where a user is trying to open Word documents from Teams using 'Edit with Word' option. However, she gets an error which says "sorry we couldn't open 'https://teamsite....docx'.

The message gives no clues as to why it couldn't be opened.


Anyone experienced the same, and found a resolution?



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From my experience, no problems when working with Word or PowerPoint documents stored in Teams, but with Excel I have some unexpected behaviors from time to time. Going back to this problem: does it happen with both the Desktop App and the client one?

Hi Juan Carlos.

Not sure what you mean... we are trying to use Word from Office 2016 suite which I guess is the same thing.

Within Teams we only have two options 'Edit In Word' and 'Edit in Word Online'.

It's the 'Edit in Word' option where the error occurs



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