Can't login for personal use issue

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I tried to sign in with my account using Microsoft teams software on windows but every time I sign in, it signs in with the work profile and when I click on sign in for personal use it pens tab on browser. I am not able to sign in on software for personal use .I also want to unlink my work profile. If someone can help me with that also I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance. 

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You need to just click your photo and "Sign out" then sign in with your personal account. Don't utilize the option in the app as that is trying to use both accounts at same time utilizing multiple account support.

As for the account being removed, you might be able to remove the login from the sign in page, but it also could be linked to your office log in, so you might need to investigate how your office client is signed in and your windows credentials saved on the PC as you're device could be managed by corporate MDM.