Can't log in to teams app on desktop

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We have tried everything, including install, uninstall, support for 2 hours, etc.  Here is a screen shot of what happens.


I can only access the old teams from website.  Ugh!  Help!

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You have probably tried this but worth clearing the cache

Do you have a licences assigned?


Does the Team's Web Client work?
Thanks, but yes tried that to no avail.
-Has there been any changes to your organization Firewall.
-Can you take the device to a remote location with open internet and test Teams?

Thank you for your suggestions. I am on a personal device, so no firewall. I tried to access using a different computer and that worked but I am unable to access it on mine. I will be leading a training session on Thursday for which I need to use the breakout function available only on the desktop app.
Might be a Windows Defender issue.

See if this link offer you some solution.