Can't log in to schedule a meeting in Microsoft teams

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Ich nutze Microsoft 365 Single. Beim Erstellen von Teams Besprechung in Outlook erhalte ich folgende Meldung:

Sie müssen sich bei Teams ab und wieder anmelden, um eine Besprechung planen zu können.

Diesen Vorgang habe ich mehrmals gemacht, leider funktioniert es trotzdem nicht.



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I use Microsoft 365 Single. When I create Teams Meeting in Outlook, I get the following message:

You'll need to log in to teams from time to time to schedule a meeting.

I have done this process several times, unfortunately it still does not work.

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Hello, make sure you use the same account being signed into Outlook desktop, as well as Teams, with that account. You can sign out manually from both Teams (top right corner) and Outlook desktop (File - Office account). Then sign back in.

From my understanding the "Single" is also called "Personal" and it includes Teams which makes you eligible to use the Teams Outlook meeting add-in.
Thank you very much for your respond. I'm logged in with the same profile but unfortunatly
it doesn't work...