Can't link invitation as guests to a Personnal office 365 account

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I am invited to more and more organization as a guests, however I have very hard time correctly linking my account those invitations.


I have a personnal office 365 account "". I can access to the first Teams organization I was invited too with this email.

However, whenever a new organization tries to invite me, I get the screen in the joint screenshot (in French sorry). Basically it asks me to create an account... but surprise, this creates a whole professional account with an organization on my email domain (!


I've managed to remove this domain and fallback to a "" domain. So now I have 2 accounts:


- a personal one... that is not reckognized anymore in Teams Linux version! It works on mobile, and if I log multiple times it ends up working in the web version. But I am not found in the Linux version, even after a reinstall (my best guest is that now, the app probably looks for me among professional users instead of personal)

- a professional one, in "" that works, but do not includes the first organization I was invited too.


So basically here is my question: how do I tie up additional invites to my personal account, and keep only one account? Only the mobile interface allows an easy switch between orgs.

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After discussion with organization admins, it seems that a professional account is sytematically created when I am invited as a guest. It messes up everything when a personnal account already exists on this email.

Still no idea how to solve this and how the first organization that invited managed to invite me through my personal account...