Can't invite deleted Guest User "We ran into an issue. Please try again later."

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Good morning Microsoft community

We have to delete an Guest-User from our AD and reinvite the Guest-User into a team - the reason is a workaround for a PowerBI problem.

I have a short, but for me an unsolveable question:

I deleted the Guest-User and permanently deleted him inside of the "deleted users".

After more than 24h i tried to reinvite him into a team.
What now happens, is that he still get listed in the memberdropdown menu and if i click on him, the following message appears.
As information: I cant just type his mailadress inside the invitation-box, without picking his saved mailadress from the dropdown-list - otherwise it doesn't recognize a new guest-user.




I hope someone can help me.
Thank you very much!

Kind regards

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Hi, any difference if using PowerShell and then InPrivate Window/clearing the Teams desktop cache?
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Thanks very much for your answer!
I tried it using PowerShell, but it didnt work either.

Apparently i found a way on how to solve that problem:

You have to invite the Guest-User through the Azure Active Directory;
1) Navigate to the Microsoft 365 admin center
2) Open Azure Active Directory
3) Open Users
4) Choose "New Guestuser"
5) Fill out the information and invite the new guestuser

Thanks and have a nice day!

Hi, thanks for the update! Sometimes that’s necessary. Glad it got sorted!
for me the user is already listed in the Azure AD. the above solution didn't work. Is there any thing else , I should try?
You can try web Teams app instead.