Can't get the devices details - Teams Admin Center / Teams Devices / Phones

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We have a bunch of Teams certified phones from Poly (CCX500). Months ago, I could provision them directly on the device or using the Teams admin center, then manage them through the admin center, upgrade the firmware, etc...


But since mid-october, I can't do anything anymore through the admin center. If I clic on a device, I get the error message "We can't get the devices details right now. Try again later.". If I select one or more device and clic on update, I get the error "Invalid Device".



My devices show a "Non-Urgent" health status, because a firmware update is available. If I click on "Non-Urgent", and then on "Firmware update" an error message : "We can't get device details for auto-update"



If I try to restart the device from the admin center, I get a "Some of the requested commands weren't queued properly" error.


To conclude, the whole menu seems broken, for me and for the other admins on my team, since about 2 monts.

Am I the only one in this situation ? Is there a way to fix this ?


Thanks for your help !

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@solucret  nope i have the same issue with yealink phones

I opened a ticket to Microsoft about this. I had 2 sessions with the support and they couldn't give any information about this, but the problem solved itself without us or MS doing anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Anyway, Teams is a constant moving cloud product, sometimes bugs happen, features appear and disappear 3 days later, Microsoft are doing things on their side, sometimes it's like dark magic, and we just can't do anything.