Can't get Teams to consistently open on 2nd monitor

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I switched jobs a month ago and this one uses Teams. I have a work laptop and a monitor (monitor is primary, laptop screen is second monitor). I want Teams to show up on my 2nd monitor, but every time I start my laptop I have to move Teams to the 2nd monitor - it doesn't remember where I want it to open. I followed a video guide which said to open it, drag it to the second monitor, close it, and then it'll reopen on the second monitor. This used to work until I restarted/shut down my laptop for the day, but now it doesn't work at all. If I close Teams, I have to drag it over to my 2nd monitor every time.

At my last job, I had the same setup and was able to get Zoom, Sticky Notes, and some other programs to automatically open up on my 2nd monitor with no issues. However, I cannot do that with this laptop. It's running Windows 10. 

Can anyone help? I really feel like Teams/Windows should have some built in options to determine which monitor a program will open on, but if there are I haven't found them. 

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For Microsoft Teams there is no specific configuration wherein your Teams Application will open on the second monitor. We have to drag Microsoft Teams each time while we restart the machine.

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@MichelleCrook I don't have an answer for you unfortunately, but I do share your frustration.  Every morning when I boot up my computer, I have to move Teams to the monitor where I always use it.  It is also the monitor it is open on when I quit Teams at night.  It should remember where it was last open and attempt to open there, the way that Outlook works currently.  Maybe this is Microsoft's way of trying to make sure their collaboration software is always front and center.  It seems like something Microsoft would do. SMH

My teams also don't remember the monitor it was last open on.
This is a very annoying behavior.