Can't get advanced collaborative calling features to work in teams

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We have a support team (Call Queues) that I can't get Collaborative Calling features to show up for our organization.


What am I doing wrong?  We can't get the "All Calls" and "My Calls" showing in the Calls Tab for the Teams Channel? I have included a screenshot from on what we need - to be able to see "ALL CALLS" for All members of the team, coming into this Queue.



Second, how do I enable this feature on a Team Collaborative Channel? We would like to see all active calls waiting in queue.


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Currently a agent can only see their own calls coming in to the queue, so Agent B cannot see calls answered by Agent A.

For the second question that view is not available yet. Since it came from a partner presentation it was probably NDA information.
So is there any way at all presently to see all the calls that come into the queue like the Microsoft published documentation shows? If this is supposed to be Teams Calls Collaboration, we need to see all the calls this Channel received just like the pictures show.
Yes, I think that it will come but I don't know when.

@Linus Cansby do you have some details about the "missed calls". We are testing this feature because in the normal call queue setup with users, the missed calls are not displayed, but we are seiing in the calls tab channel only Incoming and outgoing calls.


Bump. Have these teams group collaborate features been deployed yet?

@JasonPerkins hi.. I see only the same behaviour: missed calls will not displayed and the answered calls of the other agents too, so you can see only the you calls.

I think the Microsoft developers need a lillte bit more time... :\

We are in great need for these apparently coming features. Does anyone have additional details on this?
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We have received information from Microsoft Support that this feature is planned for this year. (2022)

That would be great. After waiting such a long time after the announcement... thanks!
Did you get any new info on that yet?
Still nothing :( thats really disappointing that such standard features are not included in Teams, even if they were announced a long time ago.
One year later and collaborative calling still is not implementet. This is ridiculous.
Maybe the feature comes now with the new teams

- Advanced calling features, such as call queues and reverse number lookup